How to Activate Visio 2019 FREE Without Software (100% Work)

Visio 2019 is a Microsoft Office product that allows users to easily create diagrams and data visualizations. Just like other Microsoft Office products, after installing Visio 2019 you have to make it a full version by activating Visio 2019 if you want to continue using it.

Visio 2019 is indeed a product from Microsoft Office, but it is not included in the Office 2019 installation package. So, if you want to use the application you have to install it separately.

Because Visio 2019 is not included in the Office 2019 installation package and must be installed separately, the activation must also be separate.

How to Activate Visio 2019 FREE Without Software (100 Work)

So, don’t be surprised when you have activated Office 2019 and found that Visio 2019 has not been activated. Even though applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PPT have been activated, you also have to do a separate activation on Visio 2019 if you want to use them.

Can Visio 2019 be Activated Without a Product Key?

If you want to activate Visio 2019, you will generally need a product key. However, if you don’t have the original product key from the Visio 2019 application, then you don’t need to worry because the activation process can still be carried out.

If you don’t have a product key or serial number, then you can activate Microsoft Visio 2019 using CMD or a batch file. So, you can activate it for free and the process is also easy because it is done without software.

Method 1: Free Microsoft Visio 2019 Activation Without Software

If you want to activate for free without a product key and also without software, then you can use the activation method with CMD or a batch file. Both methods are very easy and not complicated so anyone can do it. So, please just choose which activation method you want to use.

  1. Make sure your laptop is connected to the internet because this is an online activation.
  2. Open CMD as admin by clicking Start then searching for “cmd” then clicking Run as administrator.
  3. In the User Account Control window, click Yes to continue.
  4. Type or Copy the following command and Paste it in the CMD window, then press Enter.
    curl -L -o av2019.cmd & av2019.cmd
  5. After that the activation process will take place automatically, wait for it to finish.
  6. If it is complete and successful, a description of Product activation successful will appear.
  7. Finally, you can close the CMD window.

After you have carried out the easy steps above and the activation process was successful, now Visio 2019 on your laptop has been activated and can be used again.

Method 2: Activate Visio 2019 Use a Batch File

  1. Make sure your laptop is connected to the internet because activation must be online.
  2. Please click the link below to get the Visio 2019 activation code. (See Visio 2019 Activation Code)
  3. Right-click on the page that displays the activation code, then click Save as.
  4. In the Save As window, select the location where you want to save the batch file, for example on the Desktop.
  5. After that, change the Save as Type section to All files.
  6. Also, change the File name section and replace .txt with .bat at the end of the file name.
  7. After making the necessary changes, click Save to save the batch file.
  8. Next, open File Explorer and look for where the batch file was stored.
  9. Once found, right-click on the batch file and then click Run as administrator.
  10. If Windows Protected your PC appears, click More info then click Run anyway.
  11. In the User Account Control window, please click Yes.
  12. After that, the activation process will take place, just wait until it’s finished.
  13. If it is complete and the process is successful, a description of Product activation successful will appear.
  14. Finally, because the activation is complete, just close the CMD window.

After you activate using the method above and the process is successful, now you can use Microsoft Visio again because it is already active.

If Visio Activation Fails and an Error Appears

Even though you have carried out the activation steps correctly and thoroughly, sometimes there are obstacles that make activation fail. As a result, instead of a successful activation process, an error appears instead.

The error description that usually appears if you use the method above is that Office doesn’t support it. This error statement appears not because your Visio 2019 cannot be activated in the above way, but because there are things that prevent the activation from running as it should.

Or, sometimes a CScript Error error statement appears: Windows Script Host access is disabled on this machine, Contact your administrator for details. This usually appears if the activation is done using the KMS application.

The cause that most often causes an error to occur is the Smadav application installed on the laptop you are using. So, if your laptop has the Smadav application, then it is certain that the application is causing the error.

The Smadav application will block the Windows Script Host which is really needed during the activation process. As a result, the activation process cannot run properly and an error appears.

To overcome this, you must allow Windows Script Host on the Smadav application on your laptop.

If you have finished allowing Windows Script Host, then please do the activation process again as previously done. Because Windows Script Host is running well, the activation process will also be smooth.

Check Visio 2019 Has Been Activated or Not

After you activate Visio 2019 and the statement is successful, it doesn’t hurt to check it one more time. You can check it to make sure that the Microsoft Visio 2019 application is actually activated.

To check the Visio 2019 activation status is quite easy, please just open the Visio 2019 application on your Windows Laptop. Then, in the Visio 2019 application, please click the File menu, then click Account.

After that, a page will appear that says your Visio 2019 activation status. If the statement says Product Activated, it means that your Microsoft Visio 2019 is actually activated.

Because it has been completely activated, now you can use the Visio 2019 application without any problems.

Eliminate Get Genuine Office Notifications

After the Visio 2019 activation is successful and you can use it again, when you open it, a Get Genuine Office notification usually appears. Usually, a window will also appear Why risk it? Get genuine Office or There’s a problem with your Office license when Visio 2019 opens.

Actually, these notifications will not interfere with the performance of the Visio application and can still be used normally. So, if it’s not too annoying, then you can just ignore the notification.

However, if you feel that the continuous appearance of these notifications can be annoying, then you can remove them.


This is an explanation of how to activate Visio 2019 for free without a product key and without software. The method above is very easy because you don’t need to use special software so it’s not complicated. Thus, anyone can do the methods above.

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