Free Fire Redeem Code Today 2023 [Updated 1 Minute Ago]

Free Fire Redeem Code 1 Minute Ago – Free Fire is a game in the battle royale genre that is currently being discussed. How not, this game developed by Garena always gives gifts for free.

It aims to make users more comfortable and at home in playing it. The prizes given are also very diverse, starting from Weapon Skins, Pets, Bundles, and even diamonds you can get for free.

You can get some of these prizes if you have a redeem code. And to be able to get the ff to redeem code 1 minute ago, you can say it’s easy and difficult.

Free Fire Redeem Code Today

Because this redeem code can be used for one time only, each redeem code also has its own active period. So you can’t use it continuously to get what you want.

In addition, this Free Fire game is one of the most popular games in India, we can see this from the number of downloads, which reach more than 100 million downloads.

Even though you can’t get the redeem code to exchange for gifts, you don’t need to be discouraged.

Because there are so many opportunities for you to get free diamond prizes. Then you can also take part in in-game events with the main prize being free diamonds.

So it’s only natural that Free Fire is the most popular game right now because Free Fire always surprises its players every day.

Well, for those of you who might be looking here and there to get a free ff to redeem code, we think you are very fitting to visit our website.

Because in this post we will share the ff redeem code 1 minute ago, the newest and definitely still active.

Curious about what interesting prizes you can get in the redeem code one minute ago? Check out the following review.

About FF Redeem Code

The terms and conditions in the redeem code 1 minute ago are that you can use it only once, or commonly called one-time use.

Therefore, if you get this ff redeem code, you immediately exchange the code before the code is exchanged first by someone else.

But if you are always left behind by others who use it first.

Maybe you lost quickly in exchanging the code, some of you even don’t know how to exchange it. How to redeem it is also very easy and simple, you can see below.

How to Redeem FF Code 1 Minute Ago

The system in exchanging the redeem code for ff 1 minute ago is who gets it first, so we can conclude who is the first to exchange this redeem code, then he will get the prize.

Maybe by following the trick that we will share below, you can be the first to redeem this ff code.

  1. Make sure you are logged in to
  2. Please log in using the FF account that you are playing with either FB or Gmail.
  3. After that, enter the redeem code that you have in the column provided.
  4. Next, you click Confirm
  5. Done, you can claim the prize in the in-game email

The trick so that you can redeem the code first, make sure you never log out of

So what if you get the redeem code 1 minute ago that Garena shared on the official social media pages, you don’t need to log in again because it takes a long time.

By doing this trick, we think you can be faster than other people in the fight for the redeem code prize.

FF Redeem Code 1 Minute Ago Today

As we discussed earlier, in this post we want to share the FF Redeem Code 1 Minute Ago Still Active, especially for you free fire game lovers.

The redeem code 1 minute ago that we will share below is a fresh redeem code that has never been used by anyone. And what is certain is that the code is still active and you can immediately exchange it.

  • FF4N-NIVD-D63B
  • FF9M-PGS-85FPS
  • 5FBK-P6U2-A6VD
  • 5XMJ-PG7R-H49R
  • FF10-KB84-9VXB
  • FFMC-5GZ8-S3JC
  • FF9M-J31C-XKRG
  • FF4N-NIVD-D63B
  • 67GH-76BG-67HG
  • 97HK-FHG5-TY90
  • BJ56-MJ98-JH54
  • HDKE-64HF-69HK
  • 974G-748H-GDKR
  • RTT6-RE09-JGYT
  • 95JF-67KJ-09RE
  • PRUY-6493-URO6
  • 849K-FRHA-846H
  • U746-HFKR-8494
  • PROY-64YR-0UTY
  • HRKS-6494-HDKR

Please, you can directly exchange the ff redeem code 1 minute ago to get the prize. And if you are lucky, you can get diamonds, pets, weapon skins, and other attractive prizes.

But what if the redeem code 1 minute ago that we shared earlier, you can’t use, then indirectly the redeem code has been used by someone else who knew it first.

Therefore, you don’t need to be discouraged because you can’t use the ff redeem code 1 minute ago that we shared earlier. Because on another occasion we will give it again with a larger amount for sure.

What is clear is that you continue to monitor techtani so you don’t miss other interesting info about the free fire game.

How to Get FF Redeem Code 1 Minute Ago

How to get the redeem ff code a minute ago is actually very easy, just like we are looking for rizki, namely trying.

If we want to try, we can certainly get it, where there is a will there is a way. To be able to get the ff redeem code, you can see the explanation below.

1. Giveaway Turnamen

When Garena holds a competition or tournament, the organizers will definitely hold a giveaway or give out codes that you can exchange for attractive prizes.

The prizes that are distributed are also unmitigated, namely hundreds of free diamonds, even thousands.

Several Free Fire tournament competitions that often provide give away are FFIM, FFWS, FFAS competitions and so on.

2. Garena Social Media

If you are lovers of the Free Fire game, of course, you follow the official Garena Free Fire social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram.

Because on this social media, Garena always shares the redeem code 1 minute ago for its followers.

3. Giveaway from Live Streaming

Indeed, we cannot deny that currently there are a lot of FF players who stream when playing it, be it on Facebook or YouTube. Of course, we can use this to get the ff redeem code 1 minute ago for free.

For example Dyland Pros, Rendy Rangers, Letda Hyper, and several other FF YouTubers. Because it’s not uncommon for them to always hold redeem code giveaways for their loyal viewers.

4. FF Official Website

Not only that, you can also get it from the official free fire website. But the chances are very small to be able to get the redeem code 1 minute ago because the whole world will know about it.

Those are some ways that you can do to be able to get the ff redeem code 1 minute ago for free and safely.

How to Get Free FF Diamonds

Meanwhile, if you want to get a free ff diamond without having to use the ff redeem code 1 minute ago, you can see the following explanation.

  1. You can use the redeem code to get free diamonds
  2. If you want to get various premium features for free, you can use the Free Fire Mod Apk.
  3. Then you can use the generator site to get it
  4. By using the Citer FF application, because in this application you can get diamonds with the amount you want.
  5. Following the giveaway that is often held by FF gamers

That way you can get free diamonds without having to top up again. Regarding this matter, of course, it depends on which method you want to use, if you want to do it in a fraudulent way, you can each bear the risk.

Tips for Getting Booyah For Beginners

1. Looting As Necessary

Beginners usually loot as much as possible until the bag is full before the battle. On the other hand, lots of looting is good, but this is very risky, and can die early because of the fun of looting.

It would be nice if you did just enough loot, such as carrying medical equipment and weapons. With time you can understand the right combination of weapon attachments.

2. Avoid Open Places

Make sure you don’t run into the open to chase enemies without calculation. Because most likely you will die because you are too often in the open. Therefore, try to hide in closed places such as houses and buildings.

The key to being able to get Booyah in this Free Fire game is patience. Don’t be too eager to kill the enemy.

3. Get to know the Map

In this game, you are required to know the map or map that you are playing. There are lots of hiding places that you need to know so you can hide in them and kill enemies easily without realizing it.

There are 3 maps that you need to learn, namely the Bermuda, Kalahari and Portuguese maps. Make sure you focus on one Map until you really memorize the map.

4. Use the Best Weapons

Of course, there are dozens of weapons in the free fire game that you can use to fight. In looting weapons, make sure that the weapons you carry are the best weapons to fight the enemy.

If you fight at close range you can use Shotgun or MP40 weapons where these weapons are 2 very strong weapons and have high damage.

But what if you fight in long-range you can use sniper weapons such as AWM, Kar98k, SKS, and several other weapons.

5. Avoid Landing in Crowded Places

Look for a place where you get off that is quiet and rarely for players to go down at that place. This is very effective if you do it, so the possibility of getting booyah is very large.

Bedahalnya when you go down in a crowded location, because if you lose in looting weapons then you will be killed earlier by the enemy.

Those are some tips that you can try to get booyah for those of you who may still be beginners in playing this Free Fire game. Hopefully, the tips that we have provided can be useful.


That’s all we can say about this Latest FF Redeem Code. Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest news every day. See you in our next post.

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