How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Permanently FREE (100% Work)

After you install Microsoft Office 2010, there are still important things that you shouldn’t miss. The next step that you should not ignore is to activate it. Therefore, this article will discuss How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010?

Activate Office is very necessary both in the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office 2010 installed on Windows.

You need to do this in order to fully use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. If you won’t activate it, Office 2010 products will no longer be able to be used after the trial period expires.

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Permanently FREE (100% Work)

Of course, you already know that to activate Office you need a product key or serial number. You can activate it by entering the serial number or product key in the activation form provided.

However, if you don’t have it, you can activate Office 2010 using the software. Note that if you use cracked software to activate it, Office 2010 will be pirated.

It is undeniable that Office 2010 is a document management software that has been widely used for a long time. Even though there are now many new versions of Office such as Office 2013, 2016, 2019 to 2021, Office 2010 hasn’t lost its fans.

However, not a few also end up having problems when using Office 2010 because they don’t activate it. The reason many people don’t activate Microsoft Office 2010 is that they don’t have a product key or serial number.

What Happens If Office 2010 Is Not Activated?

After you install it on a laptop or computer, Office 2010 can be used freely during the trial period. The trial period is usually valid for one month or 30 days from the time it is installed.

After the trial period is up, you have to activate Office 2010. If the trial period is up and you don’t activate it, the following problems will appear:

  • The Microsoft Office Activation Wizard window always appears every time Word, Excel, PPT, etc. is opened which is an instruction to immediately activate which of course will be annoying.
  • In the title section of the Office 2010 document, a description of non-commercial use will appear.
  • In the titles of Word, Excel, and PPT 2010 documents, the description Unlicensed Product or Product Activation Failed usually also appears.
  • Office 2010 cannot be used to type Word, Excel, PPT, and other documents, and cannot edit documents that have been created because they cannot be saved.
  • All Office 2010 products can no longer be opened after the trial period ends.

So, so that you don’t experience these problems that will interfere with work, then activate it immediately even before the trial period runs out.

How to activate Microsoft Office 2010 without an application

There are various options that you can do to activate Microsoft Office 2010, for example entering manually, activating by running several commands in the Command Prompt, to using an activator program.

Each activation method that you use will have different conditions. Therefore, please look carefully and choose the method that is most practical to do.

1. Activate by entering the original license code

If you want to activate, of course, you need an official license code from Microsoft. But to get a product code, you need to spend a lot of money.

Therefore not many people have the original license. But if you have an original Office 2010 license, you can follow the steps below!

  1. First, make sure your computer/laptop is connected to the internet.
  2. Next, run one of the Microsoft Office programs, Ex: Microsoft Word.
  3. Then access the File menu » and select Help.
  4. If so, see the “ Product Information ” section » click Change Product Key » enter the license code that you have » and click Continue.
  5. After that follow the instructions given.
  6. Finished.

To see the status of Microsoft Office activation, you can look in the ” Product Information ” section. If you see the description Product Activation Required, it means that Microsoft Office needs to be activated.

2. Activate Office 2010 by phone call

Apart from doing it online, you can also activate it by phone call if the internet you are using is having problems. How to? Please follow the steps below.

STEP 1: When the “ Microsoft Office Activation Wizard ” popup appears, please select the option I want to activate the software by telephone » and click Next. Then contact the telephone number available in each country. For Indonesia, you can call the following number:

Country/RegionMobile or PaidToll Free
India+91 6324 8098 or 1 500 288 (landline)001 803 657 668 (ITFS) or 0800 120 1201

STEP 2: If already connected, you will be asked for an installation ID by Microsoft. The ID can be seen on the monitor screen of your computer/laptop device.

STEP 3: After you mention the ID » wait a few moments for the officer to verify the data. If it matches, you will be given a confirmation ID. Enter the confirmation ID into the box provided, then press Enter.

3. Execute Command Prompt commands

In addition, there are other ways you can do if you have a bad internet connection, for example by running commands with the Command Prompt.

This method is also often an alternative solution when you don’t have an original Microsoft license. Here are the steps you can follow.

STEP 1: In the first step, please copy the following command: Activate_Office2010. If so, paste the command into Notepad » click File » and select Save As.

Execute Command Prompt commands
1. Save the office 2010 activation command. REVELATION OF SETIA NCO

STEP 2: Then choose a storage area that is easy to reach. Then provide a file name that ends in .cmd format, for example as below » Click Save.

Execute Command Prompt commands 1
2. Name the file in .cmd format. REVELATION OF FAITHFUL NCO

STEP 3: Right-click on the file format » select Run as administrator. Then wait a few moments until the message ” Product activation successful ” appears. If prompted, type N » then Enter.

If by running the command above there are problems with errors or cannot be opened, try disabling the antivirus or Windows firewall first. If you use Windows Defender, please follow the steps below.

How to activate Microsoft Office 2010 with an activator

Apart from using Command Prompt commands, you can also run activator software to activate Microsoft Office products. Indeed, basically, this method should not be done, because the software is illegal.

How come? The software activator is able to activate Microsoft Office 2013 without requiring an official license. In other words, you can simply run the software with one click and don’t need to buy such an expensive license. Even this software is also capable of activating Windows 10 to Windows 7.

Before you install the activator program, it’s best if you first disable the antivirus application that is running. Given that under certain conditions, activator software is often indicated as a virus/malware.

So it’s not surprising that antivirus applications will delete files/programs automatically when there is a threat. If you are using Windows Security, please follow the instructions below to disable it.

1. Turn off the antivirus first

  1. First, access the Settings menu » Update & Security » and select the Windows Security tab.
  2. If so, click Open Windows Security » and then select Virus & threat Protection.
  3. In the “ Virus & threat protection settings ” section, click Manage settings.
  4. Then slide the On mode to Off to turn off each Protection feature.
  5. Finished.

2. Run the AAct Portble software

Run the AAct Portble software

  1. First, please download the AAct Portable program here.
  2. Before you install the program, make sure the antivirus is disabled.
  3. If already installed, please open AAct Portable » and click the Office Activation tab.
  4. Then wait for the activation process for a while.
  5. If successful, the information ” Product activation successful ” will be displayed.
  6. Finished.

Note: If you are asked for a password when opening the file, please enter 000000.

3. Activate Office 2010 With a License Key

If users want their Microsoft Office products to use official licenses, they can enter the official serial number from Microsoft.

Now getting the license key is very easy, all you have to do is enter e-commerce and then look for the Microsoft Office 2010 license key. Please check out the official Office products on e-commerce, later a package of installation disk files, license keys, and a manual will come.

How to enter this code can be from the first time during the installation process. Then when the product is in deactivated status a popup message will appear asking for activation. Then click the Change Product Key button listed there.

Or there is one more way, namely, you can enter the official Microsoft Office website, please log in to your account then enter the product key.

But for those who want to get a free product key, the Kompiwin Team has provided the list below.

We do not recommend this option as the main way, because the system in Windows will detect if the user activates using a pirated product key, then the activation status will be revoked and the application will return to being deactive as before.

ProductLicense Key

Microsoft Office 2010 Pro Plus






Microsoft Office 2010 Standard





Additional information :
We took the Product Key / License Key for Microsoft Office 2010 above from various sources on the internet.

Updated on : 30 March 2024

4. Activate Office 2010 with KMSPico Activator

Using the help of an application like this activator can be a solution if the first tips don’t work effectively.

KMSPico is one of the most well-known among the list of activators, the ability of this application besides being able to activate products from Microsoft Office, can also activate the Windows Operating System.

The steps for the Office 2010 activation process using KMSPico are as follows:

Download KMSPico

  1. Download first via the button above.
  2. Right-click the downloaded file, then select Extract File. If prompted to enter a password, please enter ( ).
  3. Turn off antivirus or Windows Defender.
  4. Next, open the extracted folder, and run KMSPico.
  5. If the password window appears, please confirm again ( ).
  6. Click the Next button.
  7. Check I Agree, click the Next button.
  8. Specify the address of the KMSPico installation folder and click Next.
  9. Confirm once again by pressing the Next button.
  10. Finally, all you have to do is look for the KMSPico application.
  11. Click the Tokens tab menu, and check the writing 02010.
  12. Return to the Main tab menu, then click the Red button.
  13. Finished.

5. Activate Office 2010 with Office Toolkit

There are many activator tools currently available, one more recommendation from the Kompiwin Team for Office 2010 users is that you can download a tool called Office Toolkit.

More or less the work system is almost the same as other activators, the following tools are able to respond to commands in activating Windows and also Microsoft Office products.

Please follow the steps below to find out the Office 2010 activation process with the Office Toolkit:

 Download the Office Toolkit

  1. First, please download the Office Toolkit via the button above.
  2. Then right-click the downloaded file, and select Extract File.
  3. If it has been extracted, please turn off the antivirus and Windows Defender.
  4. Turn off the Internet
  5. Open the extracted folder, then run the Office Toolkit application.
  6. After exiting the Office Toolkit window, please tap the Microsoft Office icon which we marked below.
  7. The display will change as follows, and all you have to do is navigate to the Activation tab menu.
  8. Here please click the Activate button.
  9. Wait a few moments until the process is complete.
  10. Finished.

6. Activate Office 2010 with KMS Auto

Then you can rely on software assistance to activate Office 2010. This software is KMS Auto Lite.

 Download KMS Auto Lite

  1. First of all, you have to download the KMS Auto application via the download button above.
  2. When finished, please extract the file.
  3. Then right-click KMS Auto Lite, then select ” Run as administrator “.
  4. Once open, please go to the ” Tools ” menu.
  5. Check the “ Convert Office 2010/2013/2016 ” section.
  6. Select the Windows edition according to your laptop system.
  7. If you have entered the ” Settings ” menu ➜ press ” Install KMS “.
  8. Then return to the “ Main Windows ” menu.
  9. Check the ” Activation ” section.
  10. Next, just press “ Office Activation ”.
  11. Wait until the words ” Complete ” appear.
  12. Finally, check ” Install GVLK ” ➜ check ” forcibly” ➜ ​​tap ” Office Key “.
  13. Now all you have to do is close the KMS Auto Lite application.
  14. Then just open Office 2010 is it activated or not.
  15. Finished.

6. Activate Office 2010 With Command Prompt

This solution is perfect for those of you who want to activate offline.

  1. First, please go to the “ Start ” button.
  2. Next, please type in the search field ” CMD ” or ” Command Prompt “.
  3. Activate Office 2010 With Command PromptThen run the CMD program.
  4. Download and copy the code in this file.
  5. Next, paste the code in CMD (by right-clicking) and then press the ” Enter ” button.
  6. Activate Office 2010 With Command Prompt 1Wait until the system has successfully activated Office 2010.
  7. Please reopen Office 2010 then make sure that your software has been successfully activated.
  8. Done, good luck.

If Activation Fails and an Error Failed to Inject Memory Appears

When you are doing the Microsoft Office 2010 activation process in the above way, it doesn’t always run smoothly and successfully. Sometimes problems or errors also occur which result in the activation process not being successful.

One of the problems that often occur when activating Office 2010 using the Office Toolkit is the Failed to inject memory error that appears in the Information Console section. If such an error occurs when activating Office 2010, then the process will not be successful.

This means that you have to deal with this problem first and then repeat the activation process if you want it to work. This problem can arise because of a conflict between KMS and Office Toolkit.

To solve this problem, please open the Task Manager on the laptop or Windows computer that you are using. Then, in the Task Manager window that opens, please click the Services tab to see the programs running in the background.

Next, on the Services page, please scroll down and search for “KMS”, please press the letter K on the keyboard to make it easier to find. If you have found it, please right-click the KMS service, then click Stop to turn it off. After that, you can close the Task Manager window.

If Activation Fails and an Error Failed to Inject Memory Appears

After turning off the KMS service, please repeat the Microsoft Office 2010 activation process with the Office Toolkit as in the steps above. Because you have turned off KMS, conflicts will no longer occur and the Failed to-inject memory error will not occur.

Check Microsoft Office 2010 Activation Status

If the activation process is successful, then you also have to make sure that your Word, Excel, and PPT 2010 are really active. To check whether Office 2010 is active or not, you can open one of its products, for example, Microsoft Word 2010.

Then, in the document window that opens, please click the File menu then click Help. If the activation process that has been carried out is successful and there are no problems, a description of the Product Activated will be written.

Apart from that, you can also see whether the Unlicensed Product or Product Activation Failed statement is not on the document title. If it’s not there, it means that your Office 2010 is already active.

Check Microsoft Office 2010 Activation Status


This is a tutorial on how to permanently activate Office 2010 for free in an office so that it becomes the full version by cracking it using the toolkit. The activation tutorial in this article uses activator software, which you can do if you don’t have a product key or Office 2010 serial number.

You can do this method for all types of Office 2010, be it Office 2010 Professional Plus, Home and Student, or others. So, whatever Office edition you use on your laptop, can be activated in this way.

As additional information, you can also use the Office 2010 Toolkit software to activate Office 2003 and Office 2007. So if you have another computer or a friend who uses Office 2003 or Office 2007, then you can activate it by following the steps in this article. .

  • What happens if the user doesn’t activate Microsoft Office?

Users do not get all the features or services from Microsoft, and users can only use Office to open documents.

  • Is it safe to activate with the Activator program?

Whether or not a program is safe depends on which site you download it from, because not all activator programs are safe to use. And we do not guarantee that the activator program we recommend is safe to use.

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