Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code Toady [2024]

Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code – FF Advance Server is a test server from Garena Free Fire by presenting the latest items ranging from maps, characters, weapons and so on.

However, not all Garena Free Fire players can feel the sensation of playing on the FF Advance Server, except for an official invitation from Garena.

In order to play the FF Advance Server game, you must use a special code to be able to activate the game, the code is commonly known as an activation code.

Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code Toady

It’s not easy to get an unused ff advance server activation code, but don’t worry because here we will share it for free and of course, it’s still active.

Usually, a simple way to get an ff advance server activation code is by registering on the official website then filling in your cellphone number, email and creating an user name, then a verification code will be sent to log in.

There will be a lot of excitement that players will receive if they manage to play Free Fire Advance Server, therefore, please refer to the following review so that you can get an active and unused ff advance server activation code.

About Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code

The FF Advance Server Activation Code is a special code sent by Garena Free Fire to enter and play on the trial server or better known as the FF Advance Server.

Indeed, getting the ff advance server activation code is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, because Garena does not distribute it for free, except for players who have registered it first.

The Advance server itself has very interesting games so many people want to try playing the FF Advance Server game but unfortunately to play this game, you have to go through stages that are not easy, you have to provide an activation code.

The activation code is quite difficult to find, so the players who managed to enter FF Advance are the lucky ones because they can try various items and skins that are not yet in free fire.

So the most and most needed thing is the ff advance server activation code because without this code we cannot try out the latest skins or items in FF Advance Server.

How to Get FF Advance Server Activation Code

There are many ways to get an activation code, but sometimes that method doesn’t necessarily work or succeed, it’s because the code has expired or the code has been used by another player so it can no longer be used.

1 activation code may only be used by 1 player, so we have to look for other codes that work in order to login and play.

To find the activation code, you can follow the method below because the admin will try to tell you how to get the correct activation code, here are the steps.

  1. First, download the FF Advance Server game apk
  2. Go to site to register
  3. Just scroll down until you find login with Facebook, please select
  4. Here the developer will ask for your data to create an account
  5. Just fill in each of the requested fields such as user name and email
  6. After that, you will receive the game apk download link
  7. Please download and install
  8. Continue by filling in the activation code to log in
  9. The activation code is usually sent from the developer
  10. Finished

If there is no advance server activation code sent, then you can take another way, which is to try your luck with the various activation codes that we have prepared.

Also find the activation code through the website or from the official Garena fanpage, we can take advantage of and follow Garena’s fanpage activities.

Because the fanspage might give a surprise in the form of an FF Advance Server activation code that has not been used and is still active.

Unused FF Advance Server Activation Code

Please look for your luck by using one of the following unused ff advance server activation codes, get it fast, let’s get the activation code right away!

  • C07OOGOZ76AJJ7B4

Please try to enter the activation code between the five codes before being used by other players, if it works, you can immediately play the interesting game, the Advance Server version of free fire.

Make sure when entering the activation code one by one the letters and numbers are entered correctly because usually, this activation code is quite complicated so that you often enter the wrong number or letter so you have to be careful so that the process runs smoothly.

How to Enter the Activation Code?

If you have obtained the FF Advance server activation code, then the next step is to just enter the code so you can use it directly. The steps taken can be said to be difficult and easy.

Therefore, so that there are no wrong steps, please follow the following step-by-step:

  1. In the first step, you are required to install the FF Advance server.
  2. After that, open the application.
  3. If you have pressed in the menu section confirm access permission on the application.
  4. If so, then log in using an account.
  5. Enter username.
  6. Then please press login.
  7. If so, then you enter the activation code in the appropriate column provided.
  8. The next step is just to wait a few moments until you enter the Advance server FF section.

How to Find FF Advance Server Activation Code

If you want to search for an activation code, there are many parties who provide an activation code for the Free Fire Advance Server.

But what usually works and can actually be used, there are only a few, for that we provide information on where the code can be found.

1. Website

Currently, there are lots of sites or websites that share FF Advance activation codes so that we can find lots of activation codes that have been distributed by several websites.

Currently, there is a lot of discussion about activation codes because there are quite a lot of interested people in the search, so CEOs are competing to share their activation codes with players via the web or site.

Including the admin also sharing activation codes to help colleagues who are trying to play on the Free Fire Advance Server.

If you want to try using the code, please just copy it in the following review.

2. Via Garena’s Official Fanpage

If you are a free fire player, of course, you are familiar with Garena’s Fanpage, well Garena’s Fanpage is usually found on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

In Garena’s official fanpage usually, often share activation codes to access FF Advance Server, you can try by joining and following Garena’s Fanpage.

Don’t miss information about the activation code because usually if an activation code appears it will fight with other players for that we have to be fast and alert.

3. Via Live Streaming

As we know that usually on live streaming broadcasts, they often distribute various prizes, for free fire games, it is also common for someone to do live streaming and share an activation code.

Live Streaming broadcasts that often distribute prizes in the form of Activation codes, namely official Garena channels and third parties who are willing to give gifts of FF Advance Server login activation codes.

4. Giveaway Youtuber

Currently, there are many gaming YouTubers, especially free fire games. Being a gaming youtuber, many have been successful because of this success, usually they often share redeem codes and activation codes as a form of reward for watching their content.

You can use the Youtuber giveaway as a field to find activation codes, although rarely, there are also channels that often share activation codes so that you can check first which channels usually share redeem codes and so on.

if you have found a channel that has shared a rendeem code, please follow the channel because it is possible to share the FF Advance Server activation code.

How to Solve Advance Server Activation Code Not Appearing

Not a few free fire players who don’t get an activation code, this of course will make us confused why on our account the activation code doesn’t appear? If this kind of problem occurs there are several ways to solve it.

The first step that must be done in order to get an Activation code is by registering yourself via the FF Advance Server site by creating an unser name and filling in all the requested data, an activation code will usually appear.

You need to know that the FF Advance Server site cannot be accessed for 24 hours so we can find the right time at which Garena opens the server, then we register so we can get the activation code.

Advantages of Playing on FF Advance Server

If we talk about the advantages of FF Advance Server, this is certainly quite a lot, that’s why Advance Servers are starting to be sought after by free fire game players.

In the new free fire game that is implemented in FF Advance Server, it has many advantages such as new features, new items or others and for more details, we will see what the advantages are.

  • Can find out in advance the new characters and items that will be released in Garena Free Fire
  • Can get a reward of 3,000 diamonds from how to report bugs
  • Have a game that is quite exciting and challenging with a variety of new characters
  • Participate in testing new items, weapons or characters in the free fire game
  • Can get diamonds at a low price

That’s the advantage of playing FF Adavance Server, so don’t be surprised if this game’s activation code is in great demand and coveted by players.

Another advantage that is available is in the form of the latest display so that we can play in a new and not monotonous atmosphere, there are also other advantages that can be found when you successfully enter the FF Advance Server game.

Security In Playing APK FF Advance Server

It is necessary to know that currently there are many hack sites that can retrieve free fire account data, but if you use the official activation code obtained by Garena it will be safe.

For this reason, we must be vigilant when an activation code is offered that asks for ID or other important data, please choose a site or website that actually provides their FF Advance Server activation code as a form of gift.

Tips for trying you can use a small account, not the original account first, this can be used as a test for the security of your account later, if it is proven safe you can continue using a real account.

Always be careful in any case because if you are careful you will lose, but these tips on using a new account can be used as a fortress for experimentation.

Problems that Often Appear When Using Advance Server

When you use the FF Advance server activation code, there are definitely problems. Especially in terms of connection time out when playing games online. Please note that this Battle Royale game requires a strong and stable signal.

If the signal is unstable, it can automatically cause slowness or connection timeout. One way to overcome this problem is with the following tips:

1. Apn settings

In general, the APN itself has been set by default from the provider. If you want to change the APN automatically, it can affect the connection on the cellphone. Meanwhile, the FF fine server activation code is very limited. Therefore you are required to move quickly to get the code.

2. Changing Providers

The choice of provider also has a good internet connection. But in general, each region must have different network strengths. Choose a provider that is suitable and stable where you live.

3. Using a Wi-Fi Network

Even though you are already using a Wi-Fi network, not all Wi-Fi have a strong and stable signal. The average wi-fi network is worth it when used to play online games. Wi-fi is very suitable for online games.

Before playing the FF Advance server, you are required to use the FF Advance server activation code or activation code first. This activation is used to suppress login in the game.

Is Using the FF Advance Server Activation Code Safe?

Using an unofficial application, of course, is very detrimental to yourself. Bearing in mind that this is personal interest, such as hacking an existing account in the free fire game that belongs to someone else by means of the FF Advance server activation code.

This is very dangerous, so don’t ever try to enter personal data in it. It is highly likely that the data will be modified. Not even reusable for gaming.

If you encounter this kind of problem, then use a backup account that if you haven’t used it to log in. After that, you will get an activation code from the FF server.

be careful because many irresponsible persons can target your account. If you want to get an activation code safely, look for it through the official website as provided by Garena.


That’s a review of the activation code that you must have in order to try playing the Free Fire Advance Server game, please continue to use the legal method so that it runs well and is definitely safe.

If you have managed to enter the game and play FF ​​Advance Server, please do a new feature test and if you find a bug, immediately report it to Garena so you can get a bonus of 3,000 diamonds.

Maybe that’s all we can say about the FF Advance Server activation code, but we will not stop sharing information about other games that are currently popular.

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