How to Join Esports Team in Mobile Legends [2024]

How to Join Esports Team in Mobile Legends – The development of esports in the current era is increasing very rapidly and is booming.

Even now, Esports has been officially recognized and supported by gamers.

As a game player, of course, you want to know how to enter the ML Esport team or lead to becoming a professional player, maybe some of you want to ENTER EVOS ESPORT.

How to Join Esports Team in Mobile Legends

Being a SPORTS ATHLETE is certainly not an easy thing, players must master the game so that there is a greater chance of entering the E-sports team. In addition to skills and abilities, you also need to know how to enter the Esport ML team.

Now on this excellent opportunity, Ulingame will share information on how to enter the ML Esports team and the conditions that must be met below.

What Is Esports?

Basically, Esports is a sport-based activity using electronic devices or smartphones. You need to know, Esport is an abbreviation of Electronic Sport which works by playing games as a medium for competition between certain Esport branches and other Esports which will be performed by the Professional Player.

Players who will later enter the E-sports team will be contacted by one of the organizational branches in an effort to consistently participate in tournaments because the prizes that have been offered are not small, in the range of tens of millions to hundreds of millions.

However, to win in a competition with a prize of this range is not easy for you to get. Because later you will compete with several Esport branches that take part in the competition.

Therefore, you are required to always practice to continue to develop higher skills that players have in order to win.

ML E-Sports Team Entry Requirements

Before knowing how to enter the ML Esports team, you must first know what are the requirements that players must meet in order to be part of the BIGGEST ESPORT team.

Even though it’s not an official requirement, it’s a good idea to prepare some conditions to be completed so that your chances of getting into the Esports team are even greater.

The following are the conditions that must be completed below.

1. Game Playing Skills Must Be Qualified

Before registering to enter the esports team, you should first ensure that your skills or ability to play games proficiently and impressively can be seen by the management of the esports team.

With esports competition now becoming more competitive, it is only natural that every esport branch wants players who have quality abilities so that the esports you enter are getting bigger.

2. Enter The Global Top Rank

The next condition is the most common requirement to be considered by an esport when choosing a player, namely entering the ranks of the Top Global Hero and Ranking.

The higher the Rank and the many Top Global heroes who enter the Leaderboard, the greater the opportunity to enter the team.

3. Good Attitude

This one condition is also included in the criteria for how to enter the ML E-sports team, it is mandatory for all players to have good behavior and be able to work with the team.

Because matches in Esports are competitions that involve players who are formed to work together in order to win and become champions.

Other Requirements :

  1. Maximum Age 17 Years Old and Over
  2. Minimum Tier Rank Mythical Glory Point 2000
  3. KD Statistics 80%
  4. Mental Champion
  5. Have Experience
  6. Often Participate in Tournaments and Often Get Champion Titles
  7. Don’t Use Illegal Programs or Cheats

How To Enter The ML Esports Team

After knowing about the terms and conditions that must be met and you feel that all of the above conditions have been met, then the next method you need to know is several other ways to enter the ML E-sports team.

Here we have summarized some of the methods that have been prepared below.

1. Join The Community

The first way to enter the Mobile Legends Esports team is to join the community. Because the joining of the community becomes an important factor in the formation as a professional player.

In addition, joining the Community can also increase knowledge, for example, such as sharing with other players’ friends and taking the suggestions given.

2. Frequently Participate In Tournaments

The second way is to often participate in tournaments which are useful for adding to your insight into playing Mobile Legends and having experience playing in the competitive scene even though the level is not yet high.

But you can take experience from other players who have a higher level so that you can play better.

3. Participate In The Esports Team Selection (Trial)

There are many esports branches that often open competitions aimed at finding players to become new player members.

In this way, you can take part in a trial or selection so that you can enter an esport team that often holds open player tests.

The Final Word

This is information on how to enter the Ulingame version of the Esport ML team along with the terms and conditions that must be met by every player.

If you feel that you meet the requirements, please follow the method above. Hopefully the above information can be useful for prospective pro players.

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