15+ Best Free Web Browsers For Windows [2024]

In this article, we are going to share with you Best Free Web Browsers For Windows and Pc.

However, accessing the internet will usually require a browser application. It aims to make it easier for us to explore various information on the internet. But do you know what a web browser actually is?

Previously we discussed the best browsers on Android, now we will discuss in more depth for the PC version of the laptop.

 Best Free Web Browsers For Windows

In simple terms, a browser can be interpreted as a program specifically designed to be used when surfing the internet.

A web browser application will usually be equipped with various features to make it easier for users.

Of the many best laptop PC browser software, there are some that have very complete features.

Best Laptop PC Browser 2024

Therefore they are a favorite of many internet users. For those of you who are looking for a lightweight browser for old school PCs, here is a collection of the best Laptop PC browser applications that you can try.

1. Google Chrome

We’ll start with one of the most popular browsers in the world, especially if it’s not Google Chrome. I’m sure all of you already know this one browser, it is indeed very famous and has been used by many people.

Google Chrome is well-known as one of the lightweight browser applications. The features they bring are also complete so that they will meet all our needs.

In addition there are also sharing extensions or adds on that you can get for free. In terms of appearance it is also very simple so it does not make the eyes tired quickly.

We can even use Chrome on a network with a weak signal. To further pamper its users, Chrome is also an ad-free browser. Here we see that this one application is indeed one of the best of the best.

Download Chrome

2. Mozilla Firefox

In the second place is Mozilla Firefox, you must also be familiar with this one software. You could say almost all computers that we meet must have Firefox installed on it.

There is no doubt that this fastest browser application has a very complete myriad of features. It is also equipped with many adds on like in Google Chrome.

In terms of performance, Firefox is often the mainstay of downloaders because the download process is fairly fast.

Download Firefox

3. Opera Mini

Next we meet Opera Mini, when talking about the best browser of course we should not leave it. Why so? It’s no secret that Opera Mini is one of the best browsers.

Besides being smooth, he is also known to be quite fast in surfing the internet. In terms of features, Opera Mini is no less complete than the others.

Moreover, it also provides various extensions which of course can be obtained for free. Not only on a laptop or PC, Opera Mini is also very popular among smartphone users.

Download Opera Browser

4. Torch Browser

Our next recommendation falls on Maxthon Cloud Browser, there are quite a few reasons why we recommend you try this one browser. In terms of interface it is very simple and simple, you could even say it is similar to Chrome.

In addition, this browser is perfect for those of you who like to download videos from YouTube. Why? Because it has a feature to download videos from various streaming sites without any additional applications.

Download Torch Browser

5. Safari

The name Safari may not be very well known, but it is enough to grab the attention of many computer and iPhone users. Yes, indeed this one browser application is not only available for PC but also on iPhone.

Safari has the ability to surf the internet fast enough so that it will be very satisfying to its users. Moreover, it is also equipped with a PDF Reader feature so you don’t need to install it separately.

Download Safari

6. Comodo Dragon

The next list of the best browser software is the name Comodo Dragon. Maybe you’ve heard this name several times but don’t know what its capabilities are. As the name suggests, the performance of this browser is also scary.

As if not to be outdone, Comodo Dragon is practically equivalent to Google Chrome. Both in terms of performance and appearance both are very similar, why is that? This is because these two browsers were developed with the same “seed” which is Chromium.

Download Comodo Browser

7. Avant Browser

Are you looking for a computer browser with good speed? You can try Avant, this one browser is guaranteed to have the ability to surf the internet which is very fast but also light.

To maximize its performance, it is recommended to use Avant on laptop devices with specifications above standard. Anyway, you won’t regret it when you use this software.

Download Avant Browser

8. Waterfox

Sound familiar with the name of this browser? Indeed, many are not familiar with this Waterfox browser. But make no mistake, it turns out that it has been downloaded more than 3 million times, you know.

From the name it might remind you of Firefox, it’s not wrong because the two are still the same label. It is one of the most convincing web browsers to try. But unfortunately Waterfox is only compatible with Windows 64 bit.

Download Waterfox

9. Baidu Browser

Then there’s Baidu Browser, actually it’s quite famous even though it’s not as popular as Chrome or Firefox.

But make no mistake, the features brought by this browser are not inferior to them. One of its advantages is the feature to download videos from various sites.

We don’t need additional applications like IDM to download videos from sites like YouTube or Facebook.

Whenever Baidu detects a video file, it will immediately provide a download option. In addition, Baidu also has a feature to check whether a site is safe from viruses or not.

Download Baidu Browser

10. Maxthon Cloud Browser

In the last place we will place Maxthon Cloud Browser, unlike some of the software we mentioned earlier, this Maxthon Cloud Browser is focused on social media features.

For those of you who are active on various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., then this is a browser that is suitable to try. It will make it easier for you to continue to be active in activities on social media.

Download Maxthon

11. Vivaldi

This one browser may be less well known when compared to the previous browser.

Maybe because we are too used to our favorite browser so we don’t know about this new browser. Even though Vivaldi is a browser that is quite comfortable to use and can make you feel a pleasant experience.

All the structure and interface style of this browser is up to you. You can use the main window to do the main browsing, this is a very innovative tab stacking idea.

So you can group tabs and move them around to avoid the tab crowding that usually occurs when using other browsers.

Vivaldi is built on top of Chromium, so you can expand it even further by using the extensions found in the Chrome Web Store.

You can choose your favorite plugin and add it to Chrome. Some of the extensions will feel different in Vivaldi, but you don’t have to worry because most of them will work as intended.

Vivaldi is a web browser that is creative, refreshing, and will continue to grow in the next few years as more features are added in it.

Download Vivaldi

12. Tor Browser

The last best web browser is Tor Browser, this browser prioritizes the privacy aspect, where your data traffic will be routed through random nodes around the world, so it will be very difficult to track.

Top Browser is actually a tool package, where Tor is a modification of Firefox Extended Support. The number of privacy plans that exist are combined to make the browsing experience a safer that you can feel.

You can’t be tracked, no browsing data is saved, you can also forget about bookmarks and cookies on this browser.

With this browser your identity will be safe and not known to people. For those of you who really prioritize privacy when surfing the internet and don’t want anyone to know, you can use this one browser.

Download TOR Browser

13. Microsoft Edge

This next browser is a bit, because this browser is the default browser in Windows 10 which is not available on the old (previous) Windows operating system.

This is because Microsoft has two browsers and both of them run namely Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Microsoft should make Edge as the main browser and continue to develop this browser to make it even more friendly.

Edge is present and directly incorporated in Windows 10, this is a strong point of the Microsoft Edge browser. The browser runs well on modern apps, works in Windows 10 tablet mode as well, and works with Cortana.

Edge is very efficient as today’s web browser, eliminating insecure protocols like ActiveX that force you to open Internet Explorer when you want to access it.

But even so, Edge is very comfortable to use. The browser is super fast, its reading mode is also integrated which makes complex sites easier to read.

Microsoft also ensures that Edge will not suffer any security breaches. So those of you who are very concerned about security will be suitable to use this browser.

What makes Edge disliked is that this browser really forces its users to use the Edge browser on Windows 10 devices.

They make this browser the default for opening links in the Mail app, add a shortcut to your desktop after you’ve done a major OS update, and serve it up as the main result when you type “Firefox” in a Cortana search.

Download Ms Edge

14. Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer was once a very popular browser and used by most people.

But Internet Explorer has had its ups and downs until now languishing under its two main competitors, namely Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

This happens because in part it is an option because Internet Explorer is felt to be lagging behind the current browsers.

Actually there is no problem with Internet Explorer 11, this browser is powerful, clean, very compatible and even uses very little RAM and CPU of your laptop pc compared to Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Even though it’s lighter and uses less RAM, that doesn’t mean Internet Explorer doesn’t have its drawbacks. It can be seen that this browser is struggling.

Internet Explorer is not capable of handling extensions and add-ons in the same way as its competitors. Therefore, you can choose to use this browser or use it as a backup.

Download IE

15. Brave Browser

Furthermore, in the last list there is a browser application called brave, as well as other browser applications. Able to open websites, save passwords, download files and others. Unblocked PC browser application.

Download Brave


Those are the recommendations for the best and lightest PC browsers. All of the browser lists above are very light, data-efficient, and suitable for old school computers or the latest generation of computers.

In order to be able to browse using a browser safely, we need an antivirus application on a laptop PC, so that it remains protected.

For those of you who are looking for an ad-free web browser, the 10 browsers above can be your choice. If anyone has other interesting suggestions, please comment below.

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