8 Best Free Typing Software for Windows [2024]

Typing only with your index finger while using a computer can be very inconvenient. In fact, it only makes the job take longer to complete.

So, from now on use the 10 finger typing app to learn to get used to it.

There are many advantages that you can get if you use some of these applications. In addition to training speed in typing, it also makes your work complete quickly.

Best Free Typing Software for Windows

For more details about the application recommendations, see the full explanation below.

Recommended 10 Free Typing Software for Windows

Typing using 10 fingers is not applied by most people. However, in fact, typing using 10 fingers has many benefits.

In addition to getting the job done faster, it can also be considered a finger sport. The following are application recommendations.

1. Typesy

The first recommended typing application is Typesy. Using this application you will find it easier to learn to type faster by using 10 fingers.

In fact, this application also provides many new features and innovations that are interesting to use.

This application provides a variety of fun typing exercises to choose from. In fact, there are also instructions on how to type quickly.

Not only related to learning to type but also available interesting games.

2. Free Typing Test

When it comes to speed in typing, it can’t be separated from typos or typing errors. However, if you use the help of this Free Typing Test application, typing errors can be minimized.

The advantage of this application is that a red highlight will appear if the user makes a typo or typo.

In addition, this application also provides a wide selection of types of writing and typing duration. In fact, every month there are 4 million typing tests to choose from.

3. Typing Instructor Platinum

The next 10 finger typing application recommendation is Typing Instructor Platinum. In this application, there are 20 typing tests that you can choose to increase your typing speed.

In addition, this application also provides typing games with high quality.

For beginners, you can choose a typing test according to your abilities. Another advantage that can be obtained when using this application is to know the development of your typing skills. In fact, if you manage to type 10 fingers you can get a certificate.

4. Ultra key

Ultrakey is the next recommended typing application. Often this application is updated to improve performance, so users will find it easier to use. Anyone can use this application, be it students, workers and families.

Every day you can use this application at least 20 minutes to 8 hours. Of course, you can take advantage of these advantages as much as possible so that you can type faster.

5. Rapid Typing

The next recommendation for typing applications is Rapid Typing. The advantage of this application is that users can more freely choose what language to use.

In fact, there are even 24 languages ​​available including Dutch, Spanish and English.

This application is also given the freedom to type using only one hand or two hands.

This application provides several bags that each user can choose such as Advanced, Beginner, testing and Experienced. These advantages can be used for free.

6. GS Typing Tutor

You can use the GS Typing Tutor application to help you learn to type 10 fingers. This popular application is also supported by a wide selection of languages ​​including Greek, Arabic, English and German. In fact, using this application is fairly easy and fast.

The advantage of this application is that it provides 24 keyboard layouts and provides various typing test features.

In fact, to enjoy all these features, you don’t need to pay or it’s free. However, unfortunately, this application can only be used maximally on Windows 10.

7. Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor

The next 10 finger typing application recommendation is Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor. This popular app is quite advanced as compared to the previous apps. This is because this application helps you to find out the right finger position.

The existence of the hint feature makes it easier for you to know how to type correctly and quickly.

Various typing tests are available in this application and you can use them as targeted as possible to master them faster.

8. KeyBlaze

The last 10 finger typing application is KeyBlaze. The advantages that can be obtained when using this application can be used easily.

In fact, children to adults can use this application without the difficulty of using it.

This application also provides a variety of tests that can be tailored to the user. Not to mention also equipped with a fairly complete training mode and games for fun. Also equipped with keyboard layouts.


That’s a recommended 10 finger typing application that you can choose to learn. Although each application has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, you can take this into consideration.

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